An Organization Dedicated to Uplifting Youth

Our mission is to improve and sustain innovative, youth-centered technology and music programs within urban school districts and community-based organizations.


The Making It Happen Foundation was founded in 2000 by a passionate group of Detroit professionals and community advocates, including MIHF President Chetrice Gillon.

MIHF's philosophy is informed by a mission to create directed pathways for underserved youth in lower socio-economic communities by eliminating barriers and centralizing resources. Over the past 22 years, MIHF has developed and implemented award-winning programming to benefit our State's youth.

The HEROES Tech Program has established a proven track record of success by delivering high-quality programming for vulnerable and targeted stakeholder groups. Currently, the program is funded by the City of Detroit's workforce initiative, "Grow Detroit Young Talent" (GDYT), and additional funding sources.

We equip students with the skills to create exciting, unique compositions and pursue careers in the music industry as producers, sound engineers, songwriters, digital media specialists, and recording artists. Students learn from industry professionals and learn industry techniques to produce original music compositions, commercial jingles, and musical scores for film, TV, online content, and video games.

The program's impressive outcomes are primarily attributable to a highly-trained staff of industry professionals, educators, and motivated participants.